October 31st, 2012
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140579_lawyersThe best thing that has come out of the terrible destruction in Haiti back in 2010 is the increase in attention the children of this country have gotten. The earthquake had devastating effects on the country of Haiti that was already struggling under the weight of poverty and disease. Yet, the adoption program has taken off. Haiti is currently working to become a Hague Convention partner. This is an amazing step for Haiti’s adoption program and the children that will be positively affected. It seems that the good that can come out of terrible times offer a little bit of relief for those affected.


Haiti has risen as a strong adoptive partner in the last couple of years and continues to see a wide interest. This came at a time that they were least prepared for it but with outside help and hard work on their part- they are forming a strong adoption base. Hopefully this base will allow them to grow their program.

The children of Haiti are said to be well liked and easy to bond with. They have dealt with a lot of issues in their young lives and require patience and understanding. Many of the children who have been adopted from this area show signs of malnourishment. This can cause lifelong issues that must be planned for. Yet, most of the children appear to rebound nicely and compensate where their issues lie when their situation changes. This allows for a normal childhood.

The country of Haiti is working hard to establish legal parameters within their adoption program to ensure the safety of the children and prospective adoptive parents. This is to be respected and will allow them to only get better as time passes. Though this is all occurring, it is important to note that anyone interested in adopting from Haiti should seek fully accredited agencies and governmental approved lawyers to ensure that their needs and assets are fully protected. Unfortunately, some people desire to use the children to further themselves financially or otherwise. This is something that prospective adoptive parents must be fully aware of.

As stated earlier, Haiti is accepting applications for adoption from prospective parents. They are currently working to join the Hague Convention. This is a major undertaking which has allowed them to ensure the safety and security of their program. At this point, they are working with agencies to bring accreditation. This is a step in the direction of full ratification.

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