February 29th, 2012
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1270481_ocean_loveIf I were to go to the street and ask people about the poorest country in their eyes, Haiti would be one of the top answers that I would get. The country of Haiti has struggled economically for many years. This has been magnified by the earthquake that hit their capital in 2010. The city was demolished, people’s lives were devastated- it was a heavy blow to an already struggling nation.

Since that time, many people have stepped up to help the Haitians. There have been fundraisers, item collections and mission trips. The heart of the people has been touched by the great outreach. This is where adoption comes in. The children of Haiti are in need. They have lost. They are often hungry. They are sick. I recently heard a story of a young man (13 Years old) who is an orphan in Haiti. He lost both of his parents in the devastation that occurred. An American woman who is running an orphanage in Port Au Prince has taken him under her wing. She has cared for him, providing for his basic needs. Well, he got very sick. There is so little help in Haiti for the sick and the cleanliness standards are not place. She rushed him to a hospital where she had to put him on a dirty bed and wait. He got worse. She ended up flying him out of Port Au Prince and into another country for medical care. He lived but there are many in his condition that do not. They cannot get the help that they need and die- hungry and alone.


The Haitian government accepts that adoption is a strong option in caring for and saving its children. They are working on their program in order to ensure the safety of all involved with the adoption process. They are working with other governments to deal with issues like fraud and child selling, making sure that everyone involved in the process is legitimate.

If you are interested in adoption from the country of Haiti, it is open. There are cases being processed. Adoption from this country is a lengthy process and patience is the key. As Haiti is not party to the Hague Convention, it must check and recheck all of its cases. This is an arduous task that stretches a prospective family’s wait time. Yet, everyone who has ‘done the wait’ and received the ‘prize’ can tell you that it was worth everything to them. If you are waiting right now, hang in there.

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  1. jenniferw says:

    We have served in Haiti for 3 years now and have met some amazing kids at our orphange in Delmas 33 near PAP. Their are sister’s there that we are praying about adopting :D They are in the Orphanage but their mother has given us her blessing to adopt them to provide a better life for them!

    I don’t know anything about the process or the laws ect.. I just know that the Mother is wanting us to adopt them and we are willing. Is it still a long process with the parents wanting us to adopt the kids?

    Is it still necessary to hire a lawyer in Haiti and the US?

    Searching for any help!

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