October 31st, 2011
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1239803_girl_drawing_back_to_schoolI have been meaning to update you all on how my little friend ‘Grace’ has been. She, if you remember correctly, is one of the children who was air-lifted out of Haiti very soon after the devastating earthquake. Her adoptive family had been working tirelessly to bring her home at the time of the earthquake and the governmental officials approved her (and several other) pending adoptions. How amazing it was to watch that plane touch down and the children unloaded. I have had the joy of connecting with her aunt on a weekly basis and receiving updates on her growth and development. It has been a neat experience.


It has been almost two years since Grace’s arrival to her adoptive family and if you remember, she was having difficulty in school. She had been so very malnourished some were afraid that her learning had been permanently affected. That is not the case. She is doing great. She loves school, has caught up to her peers and continues to grow physically. In fact, she enjoys school so much that she cries when she does not get to go. She is a beautiful child who brings great joy to her adoptive family. She is a child with a past, a present and now a future. I love that.

Haiti continues to rebuild. They are a country of pride and hard work but rampant with poverty and disease. Much of the disease has come from unsanitary living conditions. The water in this country is often polluted. The living conditions are primitive. There are many who continue to go over and help in this area. I have relatives that will be leaving very soon for a trip and another set of relatives that will leave a little closer to Christmas. What an amazing thing- that people are willing to go and commit themselves to the care of others. I enjoy visiting with them when they come home but ache at the sight of their pictures.

Haiti is open for adoption but officials of this country are working hard to regulate their program in order to ensure the safety of the children. This can lengthen the process. There are requirements for anyone who is interested in adoption from this area. If you are interested in adopting from Haiti contact a reputable agency. There is a valid threat of fraud that must be dealt with so choosing an agency that has been approved by reputable sources is important. Haiti is not party to the Hague Convention and does not hold to its statutes.

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